California Jail Programs Association

CJPA Vendors & Sponsors

The California Jail Programs Association is grateful for its partnership with leading industry vendors. Thanks to these sponsorships, our members are able to learn about the latest products and services to improve their own operations. Sponsorship allows the vendor the opportunity to meet with those in the workplace who make or influence programming decisions. CJPA invites interested vendors to review the various sponsorship levels and sign up now!


Securus Technologies is focused on what’s important to you, no matter how small. We are more than just an inmate phone company, we’re in tune with the industry and your specific needs and we have the solutions to connect what matters most. As the industry’s leading innovator, Securus improves security, increases investigative capabilities, provides superior communication technology and helps keep our communities safe. For more information visit our website.

Legal Research Associates

Legal Research Associates Legal Research Associates, currently serving 38 California counties, offers a completely off-site alternative to an on-site law library of either bound volumes or computer systems at your jail. Please call for more information at (510) 581-8272.

Ace Overcomers

Ace Overcomers Ace Overcomers is a program designed to help teens and adults overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by openly dealing with abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, overcoming anxiety and stress, improving mental, physical, and spiritual health and by strengthening participants to overcome damaging patterns of maladaptive thoughts, behaviors, habits and additions. For more information please visit

American Community Corrections Institute

American Community Corrections Institute ACCI (American Community Corrections Institute) is a national evidence-based provider of cognitive life skills courses and programs. Our unique self-directed learning approach is both empowering to inmates and efficient for programming staff. Our programs range from self pay to a license to reprint to eLearning. Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your inmate population and facility budgets or constraints. For more information please visit


Cellsense Cellsense provides unmatched detection & deployment options for cell phones and contraband. Get ahead in your fight against inmate contraband with Cellsense. For more information please visit

Custom Training

Custom Training
Custom Training, established in 1999, provides participant-centered training courses and programs to Law Enforcement and Corrections. Training that transfers to the workplace is the result of high-impact course materials, skillful instructors, and focused needs assessment. For more information please visit

ARAMARK Correctional Services

ARAMARK Correctional Services
ARAMARK Correctional Services (ACS) provides a wide range of food, facility and other customized support solutions to over 450 correctional facilities across North America. For more information please visit

Fidelis Professional Services

Fidelis Professional Services Fidelis Professional Services is a vendor-agnostic consulting & management California company staffed with highly knowledgeable and experienced Consultants. Services include Inmate Communications Vendor Management (ITS, JMS, RMS, WS, Kiosks, Commissary), Custom RFP Development & Process Management, Contract Negotiation & Management, Project Management, Bill Audit & Analysis, Market Intelligence, and Staffing. For more information please visit

Numi Financial

Numi Financial Numi Financial is the leader in stored value card solutions for the criminal justice & corrections industry. Product offerings include inmate release cards, work release cards, juror pay cards, and other industry specific card programs. For more information please visit


C-Tech C-Tech develops and manufactures proven short-term correctional education programs, curriculum and hands-on training aids. These short-term, industry-recognized certification programs are preparing students for in-demand careers at above average wages in the high growth fields of network installation, fiber-optics, entertainment and energy management systems. C-Tech Programs share one goal in common: to certify students for meaningful employment upon release. For more information please visit

Touch Sonic Technologies

Touch Sonic Technologies Touch Sonic Technologies is the leading provider of inmate facing correctional kiosk solutions, providing hardware and software services to correctional facilities jails nationwide.

Global Tel*Link

Global Tel*Link Global Tel*Link, the Next Generation of Correctional Technology®. Global Tel*Link’s distinctive inmate telephone system products are designed for use in any size facility whether the inmate population is 5 or 5,000. GTL’s visionary engineers continually upgrade out products to meet the increasing demands of correctional facilities. Customers can use the feature-rich base system or explore a new world of investigative technology and telephone administration with optional exclusive system features.


LexisNexis® LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets.

BI Incorporated

BI Incorporated BI Incorporated provides government with proven location monitoring technology and immigration services solutions.

Keefe Group

Keefe Group Keefe Group, through its affiliates Keefe Supply, Keefe Commissary Network, Crawford Supply, Access Catalog, Access Securepak, Access Corrections and ICSolutions, is the nation’s leading supplier of food and personal care products, electronics, clothing, technology and telecommunications to the correctional industry.

SF Police Credit Union

SF Police Credit Union The San Francisco Police Credit Union was established in 1953, and is the trusted primary financial institution exclusively serving First Responders. SFPCU offers a variety outstanding financial products, exceptional service, and expert guidance. For more information please visit our website or call 800.222.1391.

ATIMS - Jail Management Software

ATIMS - Jail Management Software ATIMS has designed an innovative and modern product that gives control back to the Agency and alleviates the high customization costs that our competitors charge. Our Jail Management Software platform is dynamic and comprehensive, yet the system is acknowledged for its ease of use. ATIMS offers our JMS product and strong Customer Service track record to any Agency wanting to establish a positive business partnership.

Satellite Tracking of People

Satellite Tracking of People Innovative, proven and reliable describe the GPS and RF equipment and services provided by Satellite Tracking of People LLC. Customer feedback drives our development of new functionality to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our inclusive and transparent pricing allows agencies to easily and quickly calculate the total cost of its EM program.


TouchPay TouchPay provides comprehensive, automated-payment and kiosk services to government agencies. Our platform provides convenience for friends and family depositing funds to inmate trust and telephone accounts and for customers making payments to government agencies. For correctional facilities, TouchPay provides an end-to-end payment platform to facilitate the transfer of funds for the duration of the offender’s custody — from booking to deposit to release solutions.


TouchPay Telmate is a leader in both customer service and cutting-edge investigative technology. Telmate provides phone service and video visitation systems to inmates and detainees in over 40 states and two Canadian provinces. Telmate’s comprehensive platform enables inmates and friends and family to stay connected, while streamlining facility operations and providing a robust suite of investigative tools. Telmate operates with an innovative Silicon Valley mindset and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Telerus Telerus AISTM allows citizens calling detention facilities to speak the name of an inmate to automatically retrieve case information from “the Cloud.” With an average of 80% of citizen phone calls handled without staff assistance, citizens get information faster, staff members have more hours for complex tasks, and Sheriffs get relief for tight budgets.

Trinity Services Group

Trinity Services Group Trinity Services Group is one of the largest providers of correctional food service, technology and commissary products in the nation. With more than 45 years in the industry, our combined operations serve 33 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Jail Education Solutions

Jail Education Solutions JES distributes educational and motivational digital television that transforms the TV into a medium that informs and inspires. The high quality TV programming affords every inmate the opportunity to gain important insight and information, whether they’re in jail for a few hours or a few years. The simple plug and play system covers an array of topics and federal requirements, and a web platform that bridges their transition back into the community.


ICSolutions ICSolutions is a leading provider of correctional communications services, including Inmate Telephone Systems, Video Visitation Systems, Educational Tablets, Inmate Voice Mail, Inmate Secure Mail, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Cell Phone Detection and Forensic Analysis, and a variety of ancillary inmate communication products and services. Our combination of outstanding customer service and advanced technology applications have made ICSolutions the fastest growing provider of inmate communications services in the U.S. Visit our website for more information.

Command Sourcing, Inc.

Command Sourcing, Inc. We are a California based ‘Consultative Procurement Partner’ based in California and would like to become your primary contact for all the products and services you need at your facility. We take the time to learn what is most important to you and your operation and provide the right solutions. We help bring projects to completion and ultimately help build the safest and most efficient facility possible. Many have to handle purchasing decisions on their own. We save them time and reduce their workload.